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Real D expects 4000 3D screens by 2009

22 November 2007

3D projection specialist Real D has announced that its 3D cinema system has reached over 1100 screens coinciding with the release of Paramount’s Beowulf. Real D estimates 4,000 to 5,000 of its screens will be distributed globally by 2009, reports Adrian Pennington.

“The expansion of Real D 3D screens to over 1100 is a milestone in bringing the most advanced 3D visual experience to moviegoers everywhere,” said Michael V Lewis, Real D chairman, CEO, and co-founder. “We estimated that we’d be at 1000 screens for Beowulf, but we passed that mark in early October.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO of DreamWorks Animation, said: “3D has the opportunity to be the most important innovation in film since the use of colour in motion pictures. The rollout of Real D 3D to well over 1,000 screens globally is the beginning of a very viable and very exciting platform for filmmakers to tell their stories in 3D.”

Steve Starkey, ImageMovers producer, said, “On the release of the film Beowulf, I think we are about to witness the enormous impact that 3D will have on motion pictures. The creation and the expansion of Real D arrived at a time to fully take advantage of a film that was perfectly suited for the 3-D experience.”

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