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Ready to Use robotics

3 April 2013
Ready to Use robotics

Visitors at NAB2013 are able to see a new all-in-one robotic camera system make its US debut. The Ready to Use package incorporates the recently released intuitive CP4 (pictured) control panel, with Vinten Radamec’s Fusion FHR-35 pan and tilt head, to deliver Vinten Radamec’s trademark smooth camera control. The robotics system is easy to install and operate, providing remarkably smooth control of the pan, tilt, zoom and focus functions of the camera and lens.

The compact CP4 robotics control panel system has a desktop design incorporating a touchscreen that controls up to four heads and stores up to 40 pre-set shots. For larger environments, the upgrade solution enables users to control up to eight heads and 200 pre-set shots. The CP4 meets the needs of operators regardless of their level of robotics knowledge, and is a simple and straightforward product designed specifically for use with small robotic heads.

The Robotics in a box solution brings the CP4 together with Vinten Radamec’s remote pan and tilt head, the Fusion FHR-35. Measuring less than 25cm by 19cm, the FHR-35 incorporates the company’s ICE technology to deliver unprecedented control and accuracy. Managed by the CP4, the FHR-35 carries a payload up to 16kg/35lbs and is capable of discreetly supporting a camera, lens and 15-inch prompter.


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