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RD_10 Radio Data Transceiver

6 September 2012
RD_10 Radio Data Transceiver

Bradley’s new RD_10 Radio Data Transceiver offers error-free data transmission in a lightweight unit. It can deliver digitally coded, error-free data to remote heads and other devices, and can be set to be a transmitter, receiver or re-transmitter for individual setups. “We have really pushed the boundaries of transceiver usability and performance,” with the RD_10,” said David Bradley, founder of Bradley Engineering. Parameters can be set using a master transmitter, which can transmit to as many receivers as required. In re-transmit mode, the RD_10 can also both output the data and re-transmit it to units further afield. This can double the effective range or extend it further using additional re-transmitters. The unit is designed to be simple to use, minimise data loss (and therefore minimise control latency), and is largely dust- and weather-proof. The European version has 10 user-selectable channels (the US version eight), operating on 868Mhz and 915Mhz frequencies in each region respectively. Power is looped through with 10mW, 25mW and 500mW power output options available on the industry-standard output socket. And it offers bolt-on modules for plug-and-play CCU protocols, lens control and other functions. – David Fox11.D36

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