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RCS rolls out LaunchPad

11 November 2014
RCS rolls out LaunchPad

Reality Check Systems has released LaunchPad, a customisable, interactive solution designed to simplify touchscreen analysis for soccer broadcasts. Combining RCS’ software with third-party hardware and cloud data from domestic and international soccer matches, the solution is available in a variety of configurations and allows access to realtime analytics and telestration tools.

“LaunchPad is the culmination of years of R&D from our time on the ground with clients, and we’re proud to roll it out worldwide this week,” said Jeff Heimbold, VP of business development, RCS. “Drawing on inspiration from our customers and years of interactive experience, we believe we’ve developed an affordable, intuitive solution that gives users all of the tools and stats they need in one place to transform soccer broadcasts with amazing, interactive graphics, no matter where the production takes place.”

RCS’ software and plug-ins integrate with the Vizrt Engine and a third-party touchscreen to deliver an all-in-one toolset, the company claims. The LaunchPad features a cloud database to deliver live scores and analytics over the internet, and a complementary RCS Navigator application for the Apple iPad can be used to access and control LaunchPad from any network to which the Vizrt Viz Engine is connected.

LaunchPad is currently in use across Europe and the Middle East for select broadcasts airing in Arabic, English, French, German and Norwegian. Networks such as beIN Sports, SBS Discovery and Sky Deutschland adopted an early version of the solution and provided RCS with feedback, which is reflected in the commercial release.

The integration of LaunchPad into SBS Discovery’s workflow for its European Championship qualifying coverage this year has added a new dimension to its broadcasts. “LaunchPad sincerely heightens the quality of our work and is a very useful production tool. I enjoy how easy it is to operate and the information that is possible to get out of it during and after the game,” said Carsten Skjelbreid, presenter, SBS Discovery.

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