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RBB updates Potsdam facilities with Lawo

2 July 2013
RBB updates Potsdam facilities with Lawo

The Potsdam facilities at German public broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) have been modernised, with new editing systems, a newsroom computer system and a video wall of plasma monitors. The changes are part of an upgrade which will be completed in 2014.

RBB selected sono Studiotechnik as its general contractor for the project, which fitted out the Potsdam centre with two Lawo mc²56 mixing consoles. “There are already Lawo systems in house, with which the RBB had very positive experiences. And the two systems having identical system cores is also a benefit, of course,” explained project manager Stoffer Geiling from FlyingEye.

The main control room has been equipped with an mc²56 console with 32 faders (16-16C), and will support production that is carried out completely manually and production that is partly automated. The automation system that has been installed can control all relevant equipment, including the Lawo consoles, audio and video routers, video mixer, studio lighting systems, playout server, and font generator. The ancillary control room has been equipped with a Lawo mc²56 with 16 faders (16C).

The complete system is networked with the help of an automation system from Aveco, with the two 8k routers providing six MADINetlinks each. The cores of the main and the ancillary control room consoles are essentially identical; the only difference is the number of faders on each control surface. “The programming of the control room automation is so much easier when it has to be done with only one type of console. And also the operating staff are pleased when identical systems are used in both control rooms,” said Geiling.

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