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RBB automates studio workflow with Aveco

14 September 2012
RBB automates studio workflow with Aveco

Radio Berlin Brandenburg, the ARD member station based in Potsdam in Germany, is to install Aveco automation in two studios as part of a major rebuilding project. The two studios will implement the Aveco Astra Studio 2 system. RBB will use the system to automate its studio productions, integrating with other equipment including the Annova OpenMedia newsroom, Snell production switchers, EVS servers and Lawo and Yamaha audio mixers. Flexibility in device control was cited as one of the key factors which drove the selection of Aveco. Other important considerations were the multi-screen interface, allowing the user to tailor displays to different operational areas and even for darker and lighter working environments. The system also met RBB’s budgetary requirements through its pricing and licensing models. The sale was made by Logic Media Solutions, with Sono as the systems integrator. This is the second major Aveco Astra Studio 2 installation from this team in Germany, with a major implementation at SWR already on air. “We are pleased to have been selected for RBB’s studio rebuild project,” said Pavel Potuzak of Aveco. “Germany is an important market for us. Studio 2 was designed to meet the needs of our customers’ current environments, and has the flexibility to easily adapt to new requirements in the future.”

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