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Raycom debuts Wisycom MPR30 receiver

11 February 2013
Raycom debuts Wisycom MPR30 receiver

Wireless audio specialist Raycom will be showcasing the new MPR30 ENG/IEM receiver from Wisycom, which claims to set new standards in quality and ease of operation. It aims to negate the need for fiddling with DIP switches and complicated set-up options through simple button control, with accessible physical volume control, making it perfect for use on a busy set or on location.  The receiver is specifically designed for both ENG and in-ear-monitoring (IFB) applications while on a busy set or on location. With two versions available, it features a crystal clear OLED display and an unique dual whip antennae that feeds two separate RF front-ends. This enables a 232MHz tuning range permitting worldwide use.  Additionally, the IEM version can operate in wide or narrowband, stereo or mono and has an automatic scan feature. Its advanced DSP allows it to emulate other manufacturers’ equipment, rendering delay insignificant. The user can set parameters by infa-red or on a PC through a USB connection, making it ideal for individual sound recordists, large broadcasters or hire companies. – Catherine KilkennyH20

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