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RawCut Archive acquires CCTV Archive

18 September 2014
RawCut Archive acquires CCTV Archive

RawCut Archive claims to have become the world’s largest real crime footage source after acquiring surveillance clips business, The CCTV Archive.

The deal, which will see RawCut Archive add over 650 clips of crime caught on camera to its business, positions the Soho-based independent as a major destination for ‘real crime’ videos.
74147Since its creation over a decade ago, RawCut Archive has been a source of crime footage taken from all corners of the globe. Adapting along with technological developments and the growing trend for ‘caught on camera’ citizen journalism, the team catalogues original footage from dash cams, drones, CCTV and mobile phones for a variety of production uses.

Tom Levin, RawCut Archive manager, said of the change, “Developing technologies have had a huge impact on the way crime is now captured.  Almost everyone carries a smart phone, which gives them an immediate opportunity to capture content and post it online to a potentially limitless audience. Everyone has the opportunity to become a content creator.

“We have watched the marketplace adapt over the last two to three years and have seen the appetite for this ‘user generated content’ grow tenfold, which we have been quick to adapt to.”

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