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Ravensbourne and SGO form educational partnership

29 August 2011
Ravensbourne and SGO form educational partnership

Ravensbourne, one of the UK’s main colleges for digital production technologies, has invested in SGO’s Mistika to enhance its Stereoscopic 3D, 2D and DI curriculum, writes David Fox.

“Mistika leads the way in high-end post production and 3D editing; the benefits for our students in terms of developing skills and a technical understanding of stereo are huge. Mistika will be a prized addition to our facilities here and should enhance our reputation for delivering graduates with industry ready skills and expertise," said Greg Loftin, Subject Leader at Ravensbourne.

“It is very important to educate on the use of equipment and provide facilities for the marketplace to learn best practice and workflows," added Geoff Mills, Director of SGO Global Sales & Operations.

“Mistika is revolutionary and an award-winning asset for creative and ambitious organisations. With 3D gaining momentum, it is essential Mistika is well placed in a highly regarded educational establishment in the UK.”

Ravensbourne also aims to become an official SGO Mistika training centre in the future, and has global aspirations for its courses, partnering with major multi-national brands like Samsung, Microsoft and MTV. The college also has strong links with a number of educational institutions in China, India, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.


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