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Rascular’s Helm now integrated with Harmonic’s Spectrum ChannelPort

9 October 2012
Rascular’s Helm now integrated with Harmonic’s Spectrum ChannelPort

Rascular has integrated its Helm device control software with Harmonic’s Spectrum ChannelPort integrated channel playout device. This enables users to control and monitor the playout technology, in conjunction with other third-party devices, via user-defined, PC-based control panels. ChannelPort is an integrated playout solution that combines channel-branding capabilities and master control switching with clip playout functionality. Helm provides control of ChannelPort including the keyers for taking logos on- and off-screen and also the ability to select different graphics assets for each keying layer. Helm can also control the text displayed by the CG as well as providing access to the overall playout functionality of the unit. Roddy Pratt (pictured), technical director with Rascular, said: “Helm gives operators comprehensive manual access to ChannelPort, allowing control and monitoring of that technology. It sits on the same screen as control and monitoring of a host of other devices in a playout environment.”

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