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RØDE i16 offers 360° surround recording for iOS devices

3 April 2013
RØDE i16 offers 360° surround recording for iOS devices

Australian-based microphone designer RØDE has revealed the i16, a surround sound microphone for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that combines sixteen microphone capsules to capture the user’s surrounding audio environment in broadcast quality. The new microphone uses RØDE’s own field recording app, RØDE Rec, to record the sixteen tracks simultaneously at quality up to 24-bit/96kHz. At the heart of the i16 are sixteen individual gold-sputtered cardioid condenser capsules, which enable the user to record in surround, stereo, mono, or anywhere in between. “Once the user records the surrounding environment, software processing inside RØDE Rec will allow them to cancel background noise through phase manipulation of the other channels, working much in the same way as noise-cancelling headphones,” explained Peter Freedman, RØDE’s founder and president. “In this way the i16 is even more effective at recording dialogue than a traditional shotgun microphone.” The i16 is available with both Apple Lightning (iPhone 5, iPad mini) and 30-pin connections. Both are shipping now, with a MSRP of US$399.

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