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Røde hails ‘world’s first’ digital recorder video microphone

19 January 2012
Røde hails ‘world’s first’ digital recorder video microphone

Designed for use with DSLR and large-sensor video cameras, the VideoMic HD is a high-fidelity, precision RF bias shotgun microphone with integrated digital recording.

The VideoMic HD’s audio DNA is directly inherited from Røde’s NTG3 professional shotgun microphone. Incorporating the same capsule and sharing much of the electronic design of the NTG3, the VideoMic HD is a true condenser super-cardioid shotgun microphone with RF bias technology.

Also incorporated into the VideoMic HD is a high quality digital recorder, which removes the requirement for a separate audio recorder while also providing throughput of the audio signal to the camera for a superior reference audio track.

File storage is via microSD card and a microUSB port is supplied for convenient file access and possible firmware updates. An integrated headphone jack with level control allows users to monitor their recording in real-time, while a high contrast LCD display on the rear of the microphone provides visual metering as well as basic recording control.

Audio capture and output can be configured in a number of ways thanks to the microphone’s innovative output selection. In its default mode, the VideoMic HD’s audio is recorded and outputted as a dual mono signal. When in ‘safety recording’ mode, the microphone captures and outputs the standard audio signal on the right channel and a -20dB attenuated signal on the left channel. In case of unexpected boosts in the audio, the user has a safety backup channel of audio that can be referenced. A third output setting allows for dual mono audio capture and a balanced signal output using the optional Røde VXLR 3.5mm to XLR adaptor.

The VideoMic HD offers a 3.5mm mono line-in that supports ‘plug in’ power, allowing for the connection of a secondary microphone such a lavalier or headset. The microphone’s fourth output mode allows the tracking of the line-in to one of the stereo channels, both on the on-board recorder and through the 3.5mm output jack.

The microphone body is constructed from rugged, lightweight die-cast aluminium and features a quick release cam lever for simple and secure mounting in any universally sized camera shoe mount. There is also a unique windshield and suspension structure; the capsule and line tube are completely suspended inside the microphone, providing superior shock mounting and isolation from physical sound sources through the microphone body, while the outer geodesic structure provides strength as well as offering superior wind protection to foam windshields.

A DeadCat VMHD furry windshield is supplied with the microphone to provide protection in high wind environments.

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