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Quickplay and Comigo promise enhanced viewing experience

8 January 2015
Comigo QuickPlay

Quickplay and Comigo have announced an integrated solution that allows pay TV operators to deliver personalised viewing with advanced social capabilities and interactive apps for live and VoD services. Using the new solution, operators can provide an engaging viewing experience to their customers on the TV screen and on companion devices, leading to new revenue opportunities for pay TV operators, the companies claim.

Comigo’s TV platform is facilitated by a cloud-based solution that enables operators to manage and control the TV experience on any screen, designed to improve their ability to provide personalised content recommendations, social engagement, and interactivity related to the viewed content. Quickplay’s managed video platform provides the backend service, delivering streaming of nearly 700 live channels and encoded VoD content. Quickplay handles all of the adaptive streaming and content management, user entitlements, dynamic advertising insertion, banner ad support, multi-language support, and featured content from over 200 content providers.

According to a recent Nielsen report of connected device owners, nearly half of smartphone owners (46 per cent) and tablet owners (43 per cent) said they use their devices as second screens while watching TV every day. More than half of smartphone and tablet owners visited a social networking site while watching TV, and at least one-fifth spent time reading social media discussions about the programme they were viewing.

“Highly personal, interactive experiences will play a crucial part in next-generation TV,” said Wayne Purboo, CEO of Quickplay. “Over the last several years, consumers have come to expect access to TV on any device, but now they want more. They’re not just watching TV, they’re interacting with it. And that is a huge opportunity for service providers. Our partnership with Comigo further establishes our commitment to deliver market-leading social and interactive experiences to our customers.”

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