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Quantum launches StorNext Connect 1.1

16 December 2015
StorNext Connect 1.1

Quantum has announced the release of StorNext Connect 1.1, the latest version of its management tool designed to simplify the installation, discovery, administration and monitoring of StorNext environments.

The tool integrates management and reporting, providing a unified view of the multi-tier workflow storage environment, including disk, tape, object storage and cloud resources.

Built into the company’s new Xcellis workflow storage systems, the tool enables users to deploy and configure new equipment, whilst simultaneously monitoring and managing multiple systems.

StorNext Connect is capable of managing production and archive environments. For StorNext installations that utilise storage tiers, such as disk arrays, object storage and tape libraries, it provides a view of I/O performance along with real time data, historical trends and archive media statistics across each tier.

Geoff Stedman, senior vice president of StorNext solutions at Quantum said, “As we continue to expand the functionality of workflow storage environments powered by StorNext, the need for more powerful unified management and monitoring tools has also grown. This new version of StorNext Connect provides the kind of centralised control and monitoring that enables users to quickly get the information they need to optimise their StorNext environment — and thereby optimise their workflow.”

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