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Quantel takes ads 3D

28 January 2010

Lisbon production and post house Pix Mix used a Stereo3D-equipped Quantel Pablo to finish one of the first live action stereo 3D commercials produced in Europe.

The 80 second commercial was produced for Lactogal to promote its Mimosa dairy brand. Shooting was supervised by UK-based stereo 3D experts Phil Streather and Ralston Humble under the direction of Jos_ Manuel Abrantes and Nuno Maltez and DoP Rui Po_as, and carried out at the Nova Imagem studios in Lisbon early December. Stereo 3D picture post production was then carried out at Pix Mix by editor Jonathan Karlsson on a Quantel Pablo, which also handled the compositing of 3D-generated stereoscopic elements and animations created by Tiago Castro.

“Throughout 2009, our team has paid special attention to the developments of stereo 3D in its global expression: movie productions, television broadcast and manufacturers, worldwide popular events involving music and sports,” said Isabel Santos, Pix Mix managing director. “All these pointed to the same direction – stereo 3D was rapidly becoming a dream come true. Obviously, the advertising industry could not be left behind in this overwhelming trend!

“Portugal may be known as a small country but our professionals and our adventurous spirit have unquestionable global recognition,” Santos continued. “This was one of the toughest and riskiest challenges for our team, understandably because we did not have other references or local practical experience, but working with great stereo 3D consultants and the privilege of using state-of-the-art tools like the Quantel Pablo technology, indeed made us feel more confident, our task less painful and the procedures much smoother.”

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