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Quantel steps up to the Marco

18 September 2006

Quantel has introduced its first ever pure software product, taking its sQ editing interface and enabling it to be run upon any desktop or laptop PC, writes George Jarrett.

The Marco toolset comes on a disc, and the requisite video input and output from camcorders is a simple matter of using FireWire. Any media files can be exported from Marco for delivery by store-and-forward and other base return applications.

“Since its inception, the Quantel edit interface has been widely accepted by editors and journalists,” said Broadcast Product Manager, John Woodhouse. “Marco is easy to learn, is scalable, and provides a professional, uncluttered approach for creating news and sports packages.

“Users can now use these powerful editing capabilities in locations which are remote from the main sQ system, for example in remote news bureaux or in the field for laptop-based reporting,” added Woodhouse. “The common editing interface also brings huge operational and training advantages.” The bare interface comes with several options, such as dissolves, wipes and custom transitions.

Quantel’s One Shot effects package will add white balance, lift, gain and gamma, size, and blur/mosaic tracking. The new templating option completes any package requirement for text and graphics.

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