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Quantel shows Pablo Rio 4K workflow, revolutionQ supports FIMS

18 April 2013
Quantel shows Pablo Rio 4K workflow, revolutionQ supports FIMS

At NAB Quantel revealed that its Pablo Rio colour and finishing system supports the AJA(r) Corvid Ultra video card – facilitating workflows at 4K 60fps and beyond; and that revolutionQ supports the Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) and FIMS Capture, Transform and Transfer services – enabling plug and play operation with a FIMS compliant system. The AJA Corvid Ultra is being offered by Quantel as an option in Pablo Rio turnkey systems and is available from AJA resellers for software-only versions where customers configure their own system. The Corvid Ultra provides broadcast standard connectors on a rack-mounted breakout box. The Corvid Ultra card enables Pablo Rio to deliver realtime 4K video output to 3840 x 2160 (quad HD), 4096 x 2160, 3D, 2K and more, and is capable of supporting 4K at 60fps (also announced for Pablo Rio at NAB). Support for AJA Corvid Ultra will be available in V2.0 rev2 software, released in April 2013. Quantel is also leading work in the FIMS taskforce to create a RESTful FIMS interface. REST (REpresentational State Transfer) is a lightweight, easy to use technological approach that is the native language of the web. A key benefit is its loosely coupled interfaces that enable FIMS to scale across the entire enterprise. REST is also easy to programme making it quicker and easier to develop FIMS compliant systems. Quantel revolutionQ and QTube already use RESTful interfaces for their ease of use and scalability. Quantel is planning to contribute an open source reference implementation of the FIMS RESTful API to the FIMS taskforce to help speed adoption of this important addition to FIMS.

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