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Quantel sees Rocket’s Red glare

29 October 2009

As part of its latest software upgrade for its eQ, iQ and Pablo systems, Quantel has become the first manufacturer to support the Red Rocket accelerator board.

Red Rocket only became available in August, and the new software release will allow Quantel users to benefit from the much reduced loading and conform times Red Rocket enables with Red-originated material.

“The fact that we have brought the benefits of the Red Rocket to Quantel users in such a short timescale is just another example of how focused Quantel is on its customers’ needs and the fantastic speed with which our engineers are able to react to new technologies,” said Steve Owen, Quantel director of marketing. “If it matters to our customers, then it matters to us!”

The new software release, V4.1rev6, isn’t just about Red Rocket support. It also includes the Cubebuilder, which enables Pablo users to build, manipulate and apply 3D Look-up Tables entirely within Pablo, and many other new facilities and features, including: process re-ordering in multilayer timeline effects; nine new blend modes; new and improved conform and file handling features; and new file export modes to simplify Blu-ray and DVD generation

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