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Quantel guide gets update

8 June 2006

Quantel has released the second edition of its Guide to DI, a companion volume to the highly-regarded industry reference, the Digital Fact Book.

The first edition, published in 2003, quickly established itself as a crucial reference guide to the new world of DI, with more than 10,000 copies distributed around the world. The new edition, available either as a download from the Quantel website or on CD, has been completely revised to take account of the rapid technology and application advances in DI over the period since the first edition was published.

The company claims with some justification that DI is now firmly established as the method of choice for movie post production on a vast number of features (it is estimated that DI will have been used on around 50% of this year’s movies and Quantel’s iQ system alone is known to have been employed on approaching 800 movies already). The new edition of the Quantel Guide to DI reflects this development, and has been fully updated with a much expanded glossary and the latest thinking on two key trends in DI – the rise and rise of digital capture and the beginning of the move to 4k.

"DI has long since moved into the mainstream of movie production and is an established way of making money for many of our customers," said Steve Owen, Quantel head of product marketing, post & DI. "The new DI Guide is a must-read for directors, DoPs, post houses and film labs. It has a practical focus which helps everyone realise the full creative and commercial potential of the DI process."

The DI Guide can be downloaded from the Quantel website at It can also be obtained on CD by emailing a request to with DI Guide as the subject header.


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