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Quantel broadcasts QTube at NAB

19 April 2011

Quantel’s cloud-based edit and review software, QTube, is expected to ship shortly after NAB. The company is eyeing use during 2011 broadcast events as well as the 2012 London Olympics Games.

QTube, announced at IBC2010, is aimed at creating a cloud-based global media workflow by allowing media assets to be accessed from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

“We showed it to quite a lot of broadcasters and interest is very high,” said Quantel’s Steve Owen, noting that the company has done more than 200 demos of the system since January.

QTube is being shown with an open API so that anyone on any platform, including a tablet, could access full quality HD and SD content. “QTube needs to be compatible with all of the devices our customers use,” added Owen.

At NAB Quantel is also showing a range of technologies for broadcast and post, with emphasis on stereoscopic 3D and file-based workflows.

For broadcast, Quantel is featuring: Enterprise sQ with Qube, a new editor; sQ Fileflow, a new workflow application; and Mission 2, the latest version of Quantel’s media asset management system.

“In broadcast, people are looking for 3D upgradeability,” Owen suggested, noting that Enterprise sQ offers 3D capabilities, as does Quantel’s postproduction line. New 3D tools are being shown for broadcast and post, including: GeoFix, offering image analysis to automatically fix camera geometry; and Disparity Checker, for real time measurement of stereo disparity.

In post, enhancements to eQ, iQ and Pablo include Arriraw support for the Alexa and D21 cameras, two-way native DNxHD file interchange and 16 channel audio i/o. The software only Pablo PA is also featured.

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