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Quality is king, says Sony’s Yoshioka

12 September 2011
Quality is king, says Sony’s Yoshioka

“Our job is to excite people and I think that quality is the key component to bring up,” said Hiroshi Yoshioka, executive deputy president of the Sony Corporation to delegates at IBC’s Saturday morning keynote, writes Ann-Marie Corvin.
Yoshioka mentioned several developments that Sony was currently working with in Japan – including the NHK-developed Super Hi Vision technology that he described as “a supernatural experience with the effect of real depth”. 

The executive also highlighted Sony’s 8K-image sensor, which claims to offer higher image fidelity than any other camera.

According to Yoshioka, Sony is also “actively developing” its high quality OLED displays. He concluded by telling delegates: “Don’t settle for good enough. Add value to your work by focusing on quality.”

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