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Quality control partnership

14 September 2012
Quality control partnership

AmberFin and Interra Systems have partnered to simplify quality control in file-based ingest and transcoding. The co-operative development means that the market-leading Interra Baton QC system will operate in the AmberFin Unified Quality Control (UQC) environment. AmberFin claims that UQC represents a unique approach in that it combines multiple tools for baseband checks during tape ingest, file-based QC after ingest, and overall operator control including annotation. The addition of Interra Baron gives end users a single, integrated QC platform with extensive flexibility. “Our aim is to deliver value to our customers, and we believe that this project aimed at integrating Baton with AmberFin’s UQC platform achieves this goal,” said Ashish Basu of Interra Systems. “It is great when a plan comes together, and our two teams have worked closely over recent months to ensure a great result.” Bruce Devlin of AmberFin added “we launched UQC at IBC last year, and it has proved popular in a market that is struggling to come to terms with the special needs for quality control in a file-based environment. “It offers an intuitive and vendor-agnostic platform with the widest range of QC tools,” he added. “The integration of Baton is important since it is one of the market’s leading QC solutions.”

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