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Q-Ball at the Games

12 October 2010
Q-Ball at the Games

Working in partnership with SIS Live, Camera Corps has provided the speciality camera systems for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

A wide range of equipment including remote heads, tracking systems and Q-Ball compact robotic cameras have been supplied. All are being supported and maintained throughout the event by experienced SIS/Camera Corps technicians. All events are being covered in their entirety in 1080i high definition.

Weather conditions have proved an even greater challenge to the SIS/Camera Corps team. Monsoon rain and high humidity have stretched not only the equipment to its limit but also the ingenuity and resourcefulness of all the technicians and engineers involved. Camera Corps’ team of specialist climbers found that rigging cameras and remote heads in very inaccessible and awkward positions, sometimes way above the venue roof line, often proved “an interesting challenge”, especially in pouring rain and 80% humidity.

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