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PSE develops New York sound library with TSL Products

3 December 2015
NYC Ambisonics Field Recording

Based in New York, Pro Sound Effects (PSE) has developed a new ambisonic library of New York City sound effects, with the help of TSL Products’ SoundField microphone. PSE has been developing sound libraries since 2004, with its sound effects featured in films and indie productions as well as TV shows, commercials, games and apps.

Produced and recorded in 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution, NYC Ambisonics includes everyday sounds including streets, parks and subways from Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. PSE’s new library gives editors and mixers the ability to creatively manipulate the surround space to precisely match the visuals. By supplying the original B-Format audio file from the SoundField microphone as well as a TSL’s SurroundZone2 plugin, the ambience can be adjusted to fit the requirements of the scene.

“Since New York City is featured in so many films and television shows and has such an interesting and diverse soundscape, we thought it would be the perfect location for our first Ambisonics library,” said David Forshee, PSE library specialist. “Using the TSL Products’ Soundfield microphone, we were able to capture an entire soundscape for each recording.”

By including TSL’s SurroundZone2 software with the PSE NYC Ambisonics Library, sound effects can be customised and then decoded to mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and beyond as required. This gives users control over a wide range of microphone parameters from a single intuitive user interface.

“When you tell your story, I believe you should have the richest sonic palette available to you – always, anywhere and instantly. Using the SurroundZone2 software gives sound editors complete control: they can point ‘virtual microphones’ in any direction, with a variety of polar patterns for greater control and creativity,” added Forshee.

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