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Provys software drives workflow at Chello Zone

20 July 2012
Provys software drives workflow at Chello Zone

UK content distributor Chello Zone has used Provys TV Office channel management software for 10 years, growing from a single channel at the start to managing licencing and scheduling for 23 international feeds today. Around 250 new tasks are created in the Provys workflow system every day. The system now oversees the management of all purchased rights, both linear and non-linear, across all European territories and platforms. It supports programme planning for channels and management of the commercial content sold by local sales houses, before finalising transmission schedules for the five outsourced playout centres worldwide contracted to Chello Zone. “Our challenge was to figure out the most effective way to deal with yearly volumes of 8000 hours of new programmes,” said Andreea Buga, vice president of operations at Chello Zone. “Some comes from the large studios, some from small producers sending USB sticks; some going to a single territory and others on multiple feeds. “We needed to find a way to process each title only once by creating the relevant audio and language components needed for all the feeds it was licensed for,” she continued. “We needed a solution that would fit all channels, standardising the workflows and managing it all in a clever and automated way. We wanted less drama and more action!” Tasks are created in TV Office automatically, based on scheduled programmes and available licences. They are assigned to internal or external teams. Details of the resulting media is added to the Provys Media Library and immediately made available to the transmission schedulers. The system is now being extended to cover the management of transcoding, compliance reviewing and editing.


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