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ProSiebenSat.1 installs first Harris router

20 July 2006

ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, the German commercial television conglomerate, is the first broadcaster in Europe to take delivery of the new Harris PlatinumT router.

“We are excited to be the first company in Europe to install the new Harris PlatinumT router, as it is the most superior, compact, large-sized router on the market today,” said Jiri Srb, head of broadcast technology of ProSiebenSat.1 Produktion, which operates as a general contractor for all of ProSiebenSat.1 Group’s production needs. “With so many signals to manage in our facility, space efficiency was just as important as performance in our choice of routers. Harris PlatinumT has enabled us to get all our input/output (I/O) points into a 28RU chassis, replacing an existing routing configuration that was housed in a 66RU chassis.”

The high-capacity, small-footprint Harris PlatinumT routing switchers provide high-quality signal routing up to 256×256 in 15RU and 512×512 in 28RU and supports a mix of any signal – video and audio – from analogue to HD all in the same frame.

“The Harris PlatinumT router also was easy to integrate into our existing infrastructure,” Srb continued. “The construction of the router allows for easy access to all active devices, controllers and units. We can also hot-swap boards while the router is on air, which is a major advantage for an operation like ours.”

ProSiebenSat.1 Group has two main facilities: one in Berlin and the other in Munich. The Berlin facility houses the main studios for live recording of television programs and production, and is where news and TV programming is produced for the complete broadcast chain. Most content is created for entertainment channel Sat.1 and news channel N24. The Harris PlatinumT router serves as the backbone of the Berlin facility and is also used for live signals being routed to the Munich facility for playout.

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