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ProPrompter creates iPad mini teleprompter

5 March 2013
ProPrompter creates iPad mini teleprompter

Schnittpunkt, exclusive worldwide distributor for Bodelin Technologies, manufacturer of the ProPrompter mobile teleprompters, has revealed the first iPad mini teleprompter to begin shipping 15 March worldwide. The model is called the ProPrompter HDi Pro2 (mini), and is almost identical to the iPad teleprompter, ProPrompter HDi Pro2 (iPad). The difference is the 8-incX5.5-inch bracket made to accommodate the iPad mini and also work with other small tablet devices. The new ProPrompter HDi Pro2 (mini) kit features aluminum infusion beam splitter glass, impact and water resistant 16X9 HD hood, anti-reflection mask, camera bar for DSLR to mid sized cameras and a standard rail mount for ENG cameras. Both the iPad and iPad mini models are preassembled come in a military grade SKB case and have a five-year warranty. ProPrompters emerged at NAB 2002 with the Pocket PC teleprompter and the 6.5-inch LCD teleprompter. Both were sold as a complete turnkey system and thousands of those models are still in use today by field broadcast units worldwide.

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