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ProMotion invests in Canon lenses

11 June 2010

Dry-hire facilities house ProMotion is the first in the UK to take delivery of Canon’s new HD portable lens with built-in Image Stabilizer – the HJ15ex 8.5 KRSE-V (VAP lens), purchased through Mitcorp.

The prototype of this lens was used extensively in last year’s Tour de France – on over 60% of the shots – and ProMotion, a Canon-dedicated lens house with offices in London and Brighton, sees this as being a very important addition to its lens line-up.

Said Duncan Martin of ProMotion: “A big part of our business is the dry hire of lenses. We provide a very diverse lens range – primarily centred around HD – and are solely a Canon house. The reason for that is demand; we listen to our customers, and Canon lenses are the ones that people always ask for. Also, there is never a problem on finance for Canon lenses – because of their high residual value.

“These new lenses will enhance our product offering. We have a lot of customers in motor sport and extreme sport, and we see the HJ15x as being a very versatile lens for tracking shots in the air, on the back of a motorbike, in a helicopter – or even handheld in front of a concert.”

ProMotion has also purchased 4 Canon HJ14xex4.3B lenses. “Our ethos has been to buy the latest and the best,” commented Martin. “The predecessor of this lens, the HJ11, was a very popular lens from day one with our customers. We see the HJ14x, its replacement, as a really exciting lens in terms of its technical specifications and its focal length, being incredible wide as well as very crisp round the edges. We are extremely confident we will see a very good ROI – enhanced by the longevity of Canon lenses.”

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