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Professional prompting for iPod and iPad

3 April 2012
Professional prompting for iPod and iPad

Autoscript will present a full range of end-to-end prompting systems and new wireless controls at NAB 2012, designed to fit all budgets and production needs. Products on show will include a new wireless foot controller, a prompting app and accessories for the Apple i-Series devices, as well as voice-activated prompters. The Magno Wireless Foot Control allows presenters to control the speed of the script anywhere within the studio location without the need to run cabling. Using RF technology on the 400mhz licence free range, the Magno Foot Control will not interfere with any other devices and can be used up to 100 metres from the receiver module. The Magno Foot Control can be added to existing Autoscript installations. Another wireless device on display is the Smart Combiner Wireless Receiver. This receiver allows up to four separate wireless controllers to be used in a single studio, and further Wireless Smart Combiners can be added to increase this number.  Autoscript will also demonstrate a new professional prompting app for users of the iPod, iPad and iTouch, developed in conjunction with Teleprompting Techniques. PicoPrompt is available via the App Store, along with Picoscroll; a free scroll App. Autoscript will also offer a scroll control and a connector for the i-Series range. “NAB provides us with a great opportunity to bring our latest innovations and industry leading solutions to the attention of a global audience,” said Brian Larter, managing director, Autoscript. “Our latest developments in wireless presenter controls, professional location prompting devices and voice activation all begin and end with our clients’ real-world needs, and we have worked hard to create solutions that are easy to integrate into workflows, comfortable and reliable for the presenters, and uncompromising on quality.” C6625


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