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Primestream reveals Dig-IT monitoring software

14 March 2013
Primestream reveals Dig-IT monitoring software

Primestream has uncovered Dig-IT, a server-based software application that helps monitor broadcast IT operations from anywhere. The application monitors hardware and software within single and multiple IT facilities, in addition to the FORK Production Suite – making it easy for IT administrators to manage any kind of broadcast-related IT activity. Dig-IT is designed to work within a FORK environment or as a stand-alone solution in multiple applications. "Our strategy is to give all kinds of broadcast operations complete control over their entire workflow," said Claudio Lisman, Primestream president and CEO. "Before Dig-IT, system administrators had to initiate remote sessions into individual computers in order to monitor system availability and performance for media operations, which was inefficient and not very useful. Dig-IT overcomes the high latency, poor visibility, and inflexibility inherent in that method, and it also gives users alerts and analytics that help them stay on top of the entire broadcast workflow." The cross-platform, highly configurable Dig-IT application features centralised monitoring and an intuitive web-based front end for easy viewing and portability. Dig-IT will be available in the third quarter of 2013. SL6824

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