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Powerful LED range shines

3 October 2012
Powerful LED range shines

Launched at the recent IBC was TheLight-Studio, a new range of high-power LED panels aimed at studio and location use. The panels, with on-board or remote DMX digital control, come in various sizes from 50W to 200W and offer fast installation and light adjustment. TheLight-Studio replaces tungsten, fluorescent or HMI with lower power draw, delivering colour temperatures from tungsten to daylight without the need to change bulbs or gels. The range offers short aluminium strips housing 24 high-power LED or long strips housing 48. It can be used to replace lights from a 300W tungsten up to a 575W HMI. TheLight-Studio offers light control over colour temperatures varying from 2500K to 6500K, a dimmer with no noticeable colour shift, green/magenta correction and an adjustable beam angle from 30º to 125º without the need for a lens change, says the manufacturer. In&out PowerCon connectors allow users to daisy chain up to 32 units, high-power Phillips LED offer 50,000 minimum hours life. TheLight accessories are also available including a textile softbox diffuser, removable barn doors and

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