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Power-saving RAT puts presenters in prompt control

10 September 2012
Power-saving RAT puts presenters in prompt control

Autoscript has added two new control accessories for its prompters that make scroll control easier and reduce power consumption. The latest improved version of its Receive and Transmit wireless handheld scroll controller, RAT 3, has a new RF module, to use more channels, plus a power saving option that enables a 9v battery to last up to three months. “The redesigned enclosure is more comfortable, especially for smaller hands,” said Autoscript MD, Brian Larter. Its HC/1 five-button deskpad control panel has also been redesigned, employing a Hall effect sensor to give greater longevity and absolute prompt control. It also looks better, in response to the growing numbers of these units being used by presenters on camera. Both will be available after IBC. – David Fox11.E55

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