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Polsat installs SGL

28 January 2010

Poland’s Polsat has installed a SGL FlashNet digital archive, which will be responsible for the production of Polsat News and Polsat Television’s flagship news show, ‘Wydarzenia’.

Polsat, Poland’s second largest broadcaster, selected the SGL system to progressively reduce the role of its tape archive, which uses DVCAM & IMX tapes. Traditionally, retrieval of material was the responsibility of archivists who – using a dedicated database – would find appropriate tapes and fragments of materials. These fragments were ingested on NLE workstations, which unnecessarily occupied the editing station – a costly scenario. Now, using SGL software every Polsat journalist has direct access to the archive and, using a set of Avid Interplay applications, can search, browse and restore material to the production system without leaving their workstation.

Andrzej Szymanski, Polsat’s TV IT department manager explained: “The main reason for choosing SGL is the deep integration of the archive with our Avid production system. There is no need to wait for the restoration of material from the archive because the sequence may include a proxy version of the archived material that is online on the ISIS drives. Restoration of high-res material can take place in the background at any time of the production cycle.”

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