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Polecam Wide just the job for dynamic tracking shots

2 September 2011
Polecam Wide just the job for dynamic tracking shots

Constituting a major addition to Polecam’s range of single-operator broadcast-quality camera cranes is the new Polecam Wide, by Melanie Dayasena-Lowe.

The new launch is a motorised camera head designed to accommodate digital single-lens reflex cameras or camcorders of up 200 millimetres width, 280 millimetres height and 3.6 kilograms weight. It is fully compatible with Polecam rigs of up to six metres span.

“The new head operates under high-precision electronic control which allows slow or fast action to be tracked with great finesse,” explained Polecam founder and MD Steffan Hewitt. “Pan and tilt angle can be smoothly adjusted or continuously varied at a wide range of speeds, from an ultra-slow four seconds per degree up to a fast seven seconds per complete 360 degree rotation.”

“Polecam Wide allows dynamic tracking shots of unprecedented accuracy to be achieved while retaining the wide-ranging control over horizontal and vertical camera position made possible by the Polecam camera support system,” added sales and marketing manager Jeremy Curtis.

Technical features of the Polecam Wide head include high-resolution pulse-width-modulated electronic drive, replacing the bipolar direct-current feed used on Polecam’s previous joystick control system. Optical pulse encoders fitted to the pan-and-tilt motors provide feedback to the motor controller, ensuring smooth and stable operation. Motor braking is activated whenever the joystick is stationary. An integral 12 pin connector delivers up to 12 volts at 1 ampere to power a camera.


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