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Polecam takes Pico underwater

22 October 2014
Polecam takes Pico underwater

Polecam Systems demonstrated its new underwater camera housing, the Polecam Fishface 500, at IBC, which has been designed specifically to enable the use of the Antelope Pico underwater.

Fishface 500 can be used with any Polecam system to take the Antelope Pico high speed minicam, which Polecam distributes, into water. The Antelope Pico is designed to offer extreme slow motion from vantage points that other cameras have not gone before due to its petite size. Antelope Pico records up to 520fps in native HD.

The underwater housing for Antelope Pico was created by Polecam following a request by the BBC, which approached the company at this year’s NAB.

Speaking at the show, Stephen Rutherford, head of business development at Polecam, commented: “The Fishface 500 and Antelope Pico combination is tried and tested for IBC. Because we can already do everything above water with Antelope Pico, it makes sense to take this below the surface. We can use the system for anything underwater, from natural history filming to aqua games such as high diving, swimming, and synchronised swimming. We are also looking at getting it into the industrial and security sectors.”

Fishface 500 joins its little brother, Fishface 100, which was created in 2000 for the Sydney Olympics, and Fishface 300, made for this year’s NAB for larger IO industrial cameras.

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