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Polaris leads launches from Junger, RTW and Stagetec

31 January 2013
Polaris leads launches from Junger, RTW and Stagetec

Audio equipment supplier Aspen Media has much to excite BVE visitors, not least Stagetec’s Polaris mixer. Polaris is a hybrid control surface with both hardware controls and touchscreens making it very easy to operate. Polaris can also be used to control intercom, lights and DAWs. RTW is launching the TMR7 audio meter. Built for stereo applications, TMR7 is a stripped down, more cost-effective version of the renowned TM9 and TM7 meters. Also on show the latest 3G version of the popular, compact TM3 meter. TM3-3G has 16 audio channels of 3G-SDI and like every other TM unit, TM3-3G conforms to the latest loudness specifications. New from Jünger is the M*AP monitoring controller designed for live monitoring and compliance measurements of 5.1 and/or stereo programmes. Those interested in managing loudness to the latest EBU standard, can see Jünger’s flagship T*AP processor. Commonly used in TV playout, studio and ingest and with optional 16 channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O as well as Dolby decoding and encoding, the versatile T*AP can be used for countless applications.B20

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