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Polar wins Aspex’s Euro distribution

13 July 2006

In order to meet the demand for its Accelera HD Encoder platform, Aspex Semiconductor has signed a distribution agreement with Polar Graphics Ltd.

This agreement will ensure that customers throughout Europe will be able to obtain Aspex’s Accelera HD MPEG-2 Encoder for realtime MPEG-2 encoding, as well as their forthcoming H.264 and WM9/VC-1 encoders.

Polar Graphics has over ten years of experience in sales and service within the film, TV and multimedia industries. As one of Europe’s most recognised distributors, Polar will distribute Aspex’s Accelera HD Encoder throughout the whole of Europe.

“I am very excited by this agreement as I have been very impressed with Aspex’s ability to scale processing power, and the flexibility of their software programmable processors to ensure that with future software updates the same board will support MPEG-2, H.264 and WM9/VC-1 encoding,” said Garry Davis, technical director, Polar Graphics Ltd. “The Accelera HD Encoder uses these capabilities to either encode a single MPEG-2 HD or 4 SD streams in realtime, or a single SD stream at 4x realtime,” he continued. “The other amazing thing is that by Aspex partnering with MainConcept the card can be used to seamlessly accelerate MPEG-2 encoding in many leading applications which contain the MainConcept codec.”

Aspex’s ultra-high performance Accelera PCI-X card brings affordable high quality, realtime HD video compression to the desktop. By transparently accelerating MainConcept’s industry-leading MPEG-2 video compression API, the Accelera board turbocharges video compression inside many leading applications, such as Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Autodesk Cleaner XL, Sony Vegas, Adobe Encore 2.0, and Sonic DVDit Pro.

The Accelera HD Encoder is built around Aspex’s 100% software programmable Linedancer family of Extreme Processors, allowing new codecs and image processing functions to be downloaded and run instantly.

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