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PMC debuts twotwo nearfield monitors

7 September 2012
PMC debuts twotwo nearfield monitors

The Professional Monitor Company has announced a new range of powered two-way nearfield monitors at IBC. The active twotwo series combines PMC’s Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) bass loading technology with digital signal processing. The result is a range of true reference tools designed for monitoring in stereo or surround. The range initially comprises two models, the twotwo.5 and twotwo.6. A third, the twotwo.8, will be added in the new year. All three share the same core design and features; the model number refers only to the approximate size (in inches) of the bass driver, with larger numbers denoting increasing cabinet volume, greater bass extension and higher SPLs. The 27mm precision soft-dome tweeter and the three new matt-doped natural-fibre bass drivers, are new to the nearfield market. Connections include analogue phonos and XLRs as well as an AES3 digital input, which will handle all sample rates up to 192kHz. The speakers may be mounted vertically or horizontally without compromising tonal accuracy or stereo/surround imaging.8.E41


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