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Plug and play for time delay

2 April 2013
Plug and play for time delay

Included in Pixelmetrix’s demo lineup is the launch of its DVStor² Consolidator (pictured) and Pelican Video Encoder. The DVStor² Consolidator is a straightforward web application that presents the status of up to 20 DVStors on a single, integrated dashboard. The DVStor platform provides many options for economical playout and time delay using MPEG transport streams. Built upon the web services APIs included in the latest DVStor models, the DVStor² Consolidator is packaged as a simple and cost-effective appliance – simply plug and play.

Within the DVStor² Consolidator, the overall health of up to 20 machines, together with a visual indication of the record and play status of each of the ports is displayed. Clicking on one of the ‘hot links’ directs to the affected machine.
Built smaller than a 3.5-inch hard drive, the compact, rugged Pelican video encoder is ideal for remote newsgathering, enterprise video, hospitality, government, education and healthcare applications. Set up and configuration is a snap with the built in HTML5 web interface. All Pelican models – Pelican-Analog, Pelican-SD and Pelican-HD– support live IP streaming from the built-in Ethernet port.

Pelican-Analog is for composite analog video and stereo analogue audio inputs, Pelican-SD is for SDI video with embedded stereo audio as well as mini-XLR with balanced audio, while Pelican-HD supports HD-SDI video with embedded stereo audio as well as mini-XLR with balanced audio.


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