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PlayBox Technology powers six channels at GMG

1 August 2011
PlayBox Technology powers six channels at GMG

The Tbilisi-based Global Media Group (Georgia’s largest cable television broadcaster) has installed a multichannel playout system for six new television channels from PlayBox Technology, writes David Fox.

The six channels include two each for GMG Sports and GMG Movies and one each for a children’s channel and a TV Series channel. The channels are in an N:M redundant playout configuration provided by six main AirBox Pro playout servers and two multi-channel redundant AirBox Pro backup servers.

The workflow is built around a file-based architecture, managed by PlayBox Technology media asset management. It includes AirBox Pro playout and automation servers, with integrated TitleBox interactive on-air graphics and multichannel audio to allow multilingual broadcasting, SubtitleBox for subtitles, and SafeBox for workflow management – making sure the media files required by the playlists, composed using ListBox, are in the AirBox Pro servers well ahead of transmission time.

The PlayBox MAM includes the 16-channel ingest servers that accept video from a range of sources including DVD, videotape, a commentary booth and external satellite feeds. All feeds are ingested at HD resolution although the playout is currently run at SD, but is fully upgradeable to HD.

Post production uses Final Cut Pro edit stations with their output sent to the 100TB fibre-connected central NAS store, along with all other media files.

The channels can make use of the Live Input feature included on the AirBox servers. This allows the servers to simultaneously accept and output live video and audio while adding TitleBox graphics and switching to and from recorded footage, when required. The live feeds are also ingested for re-broadcast, with or without graphics, and the MAM system is used to add metadata to the content live, which is then accessible in the MAM Media Library.

The turnkey project was managed by PlayBox Technology’s recently-formed Broadcast Systems Group, in partnership with the Finnish systems integrator, Qualitron Systems.

"This project was a great opportunity for us to prove how the new Broadcast Systems Group can work in partnership with our existing reseller network to conceive and deploy complex turnkey solutions on time and on budget," said BSG Manager, Scott Adams (pictured).

“Working in partnership with Qualitron Systems we had a first rate systems integrator and galvanised the already strong working relationship to provide a first class result. This is exactly how we want to continue to collaborate and make sure we meet the customers’ requirements. Understanding the end-to-end workflow is paramount. Knowing that the PlayBox Technology Broadcast Systems Group is 100% involved in every stage of the project lifecycle gives greater confidence, both to the client and reseller.”

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