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PlayBox launches new products

12 April 2011
PlayBox launches new products

International communications and IT company PlayBox Technology is set to launch a series of new products at NAB including a one-box tine-shift solution, a media file analyser, and a number of multi-channel ‘in a box’ solutions. QCBox analyses the relevant media files in a playlist, folder or selected files. Basic tests include checking for correct duration, continuity (no missing or overlapped frames), blocking, frozen and black frames as well as audio tests, including loudness. Results are stored in a metadata file accompanying the media file and then, prior to the file’s subsequent playout, the AirBox reads the QC metadata and may be configured to skip, show a warning before playing, or play the file depending on the quality results. In addition the audio data from QCBox can be used for volume control. TimeShiftBox HD, which complements the existing TimeShiftBox SD, is a one-box time-shift solution that provides accurate programme time delays from one minute to a week or more and fulfils all programme time delay requirements. TimeShiftBox HD also includes logo insertion as standard; and as an option, it can be added to offer full interactive CG, text and graphics keyed over the time-shifted video. It is available as a complete turnkey solution for single channel or multichannel HD SDI/SD.  PlayBox Technology’s new multichannel solution (pictured) enables the user to run several channels per box by. Multichannel configurations have been applied to three products: AirBox playout, CaptureBox ingest and TitleBox graphics servers, all of which can accept or deliver up to four channels of SD or two channels of HD video and audio within a one-box package.

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