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PlayBox details major orders from Dega, TCI

6 October 2011
PlayBox details major orders from Dega, TCI

Dega Broadcast Systems has ordered ten TimeShiftBox HD media delay servers with TitleBox HD interactive CG and graphics, while Travel Channel International is now using multiple EdgeBox servers, writes David Davies.

The systems purchased by Dega have been ordered as part of a project on behalf of a major UK broadcaster that will entail installation in the latter’s central equipment area.

Launched at NAB2011, TimeShiftBox HD is a one-box time-shift solution that provides accurate programme time delays from one minute to a week or more to fulfil all programme time delay requirements. TimeShiftBox HD also includes logo insertion.

Dega Broadcast Systems has added the option of TitleBox HD to provide full interactive CG, text and graphics that can be keyed over the time-shifted video. Both the time-shift and graphics functions exist within the same server.

UK sales director Ben Gunkel told TVBEurope: “The order from Dega is very significant for PlayBox. It’s not only the first large order for the HD version of the TimeShiftBox, but it also shows our growing business with the more established broadcasters in the UK. The inclusion of TitleBox increases the cost-effectiveness by adding graphics directly to the time-shifted output within a one-box solution.”

In other news, PlayBox Technology has worked with the UK-based Travel Channel International (TCI) to expand and streamline aspects of its worldwide operations. This has involved the companies working together to achieve the required integration of EdgeBox remote playout servers from PlayBox Technology into TCI’s existing file-based workflow and Zeus trafficking systems.

To date, four EdgeBox servers have been supplied for TCI to support its services in Germany, Asia and New Zealand. Each server is located at the local transmission’s platform NOC, where it provides a complete channel as a high quality digital feed.

Matt Westrup, TCI head of operations, commented: “EdgeBox gives us the flexibility to relocate, upgrade, innovate, customise and to have a much sharper response to the commercial realities that make Travel Channel a success. We are now far freer to sit down, have discussions and tune a service to exactly what the customers want.”

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