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PL-mount Cine-Xenar prime lenses accessorised

14 September 2010
PL-mount Cine-Xenar prime lenses accessorised

Chrosziel is to sell the new Cine-Xenar lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach worldwide, and has developed a complete set of accessories for them.

It has put together a package that includes: the five prime PL-mount lenses (25, 35, 50, 75 and 90mm), plus its LightWeight Support; MatteBox 456 Academy Double; Bellows with Light Prevention Tube; DSW Direct Swing-Away-System; Studio Rig Cine Single follow focus; and a transport-trolley case.

The package will cost €18,450 (compared to €21,375 for the individual items), and the case will also be able to take the upcoming 18mm Cine-Xenar lens. There is also a version for the Canon EOS 7D HD DSLR, costing €18,560 – as it needs extra lens support to relieve pressure on the EF-S mount. Once properly aligned, the MatteBox and Follow Focus remain unchanged when switching lenses.

The Cine-Xenar lenses are claimed to offer "excellent picture quality" and use a telecentric design, which ensures even illumination across the entire sensor. The lenses have 12, 14 or even 18 iris blades, for a "unique bokeh". All the features are "remarkable for this price,” claimed Chrosziel.

Additional sets for Red cameras and the Arri Alexa will be presented by Chrosziel at the Cinec show (Stand 3-A1) this weekend (September 18th to 20th) in Munich.

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