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Pixelution, Pure Digital Services develop new ARRIRAW solution

16 June 2011

System integration specialist Pixelution – in conjunction with data management service provider Pure Digital Services – has developed a solution that delivers the new ARRIRAW format on set, in real-time and at high quality 3K resolution. The system was debuted at Cinegear 2011.

An agreement between the two firms means that the system is available exclusively through Pure Digital Services, which is using it for its worldwide filming operations.

The solution integrates Dulce removable storage and the Mistika system to create a complete processing system that delivers the new ARRIRAW format on set in real-time and at full 3K resolution. A new location DI suite included in the package uses the S.two OB-1 data system to record the T-Link-delivered ARRIRAW format. The DI suite can access the data immediately by using fibre links to directly mount the magazines. This means that the .ari files can be processed immediately, allowing for instant high resolution playback of the shot material direct from the magazines. It also allows for instant processing of the .ari files to full resolution on set.

Daniel Mulligan, managing director of Pure Digital Solutions, commented: “We are delighted that Pixelution will now supply us with full 3K ARRIRAW solutions and systems. These will be used for all of our projects shooting worldwide. We have been searching for some time for the optimised hardware and specifications that we needed to deliver full 3K resolution in real time for the new ARRIRAW format. Pixelution was able to satisfy our technical requirements and the results we have jointly achieved are nothing short of stunning.

“This new way of working gives us the ability to easily transport the processed data off-set, with redundancy but without lengthy copying. We believe this is a first for the market as no one else is delivering full 3K resolution on location, in real time and at such a high quality.”

Giles Parker, managing director of Pixelution, added: “Dan Mulligan came to us a few months ago with an idea for supporting the ARRIRAW format. After a lot of discussion and testing we were delighted to offer Pure Digital Services a platform to supply his clients with a unique and innovative solution.

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