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Pixel Power’s recent launches at BVE

17 January 2014
Pixel Power’s recent launches at BVE

At BVE Pixel Power is showing Pixel Factory, its recently launched solution for file-based workflow branding of media and interstitial 2D and 3D graphics. The company will also be launching Pixel OnDemand, which delivers all the features of Pixel Factory including Clarity graphics, but with the introduction of use-based pricing.

Running on standard IT server hardware, Pixel Factory is easy to scale and can be deployed at discrete locations, allowing for sharing between facilities or departments. Using the Clarity Graphics engine, a single unit can provide graphics for multiple channels. Factory can repurpose existing Pixel Power templates and the automation capabilities aim to ensure consistency and accuracy of output.

Pixel OnDemand puts the graphics engine into a software package that runs on standard IT servers, meeting the needs of nonlinear, store-and-play content delivery operations such as IPTV channels, video on demand services, mobile content, news operations, and second screen viewing applications. Output is pixel-for-pixel identical to the output quality of any Pixel Power hardware product.


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