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Pixel Power and Weather Central debut alert system

19 April 2010
Pixel Power and Weather Central debut alert system

Rather topically, Pixel Power and Weather Central have unveiled an innovative new system for broadcasters that fully automates the delivery of in-depth severe weather alerts and information.

“Effective severe weather alerting is a cornerstone of building and retaining a broadcast audience,” said Steve Smedberg, VP for Weather Central. “The integration of Weather Central’s LIVE:Wire severe weather alerts and crawls with Pixel Power’s renowned video, branding and master control platform means that broadcasters win on all counts: being first to air; providing the greatest report accuracy with the most detailed, localised information; and employing operational intelligence thanks to a solution that is easy to implement, cost-effective and offers proven reliability.”

The solution for the first time tightly integrates severe weather alerting directly within the main graphics operations of a station or distributed broadcast group. The jointly-developed solution starts with an innovative configuration of LIVE:Wire, Weather Central’s proven, pinpoint accurate data services and weather wire decoding. LIVE:Wire LX has been designed to feed data, maps and other alert information for formatting and delivery by Pixel Power BrandMaster branding switchers and LogoVision channel branding systems.

Triggered automatically, or via local or remote manual inputs from any PC, severe weather alerts and crawls can be created without any operator intervention by populating pre-designed templates stored by BrandMaster or LogoVision for playout. Pixel Power graphics systems integrate with station automation and maintain the overall look and branding of the channel, properly formatting squeezebacks and other elements to ensure a sophisticated total package.

The solution further streamlines operations by using Weather Central’s integrated workflow for simultaneously formatting and delivering weather alerts for delivery via a station’s websites and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Severe weather presents a valuable opportunity for broadcasters to differentiate themselves from their competition,” said Pete Challinger, CEO of Pixel Power, Inc. “Handling it within the context of a station’s overall graphics operations maintains the continuity of branding for a station and provides a seamless delivery process that blends with the complete channel output. Partnering with Weather Central ensures that our customers get the very best solution for severe weather alerting available.”

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