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Pixel Power aids TV5Monde’s channel launches and will unveil new products at IBC

11 September 2013
Pixel Power aids TV5Monde’s channel launches and will unveil new products at IBC

Global French broadcaster TV5Monde has launched multiple thematic channels – including a new children’s channel – using Pixel Power’s channel-in-a-box technology, ChannelMaster. The company will also be introducing two versions of the same file-based graphics concept at IBC2013, Pixel Factory and Pixel OnDemand.

For its new channels, TV5 required a playout and branding solution to create, move and schedule video and graphic assets across various channels. Content is created collaboratively and updated in-house, matching their existing channel branding.  As well as ChannelMaster technology, TV5 Monde has implemented Pixel Power’s scheduling, automation and asset management system, Gallium.

“We wanted a combination of cost-effective, scalable, playout solutions that could also produce and manage our complex graphics, video assets and meta-data requirements,” said Jean-Pierre Vérines, CTO, TV5. “Pixel Power has risen to the challenge, providing a range of integrated technologies tailored to our precise requirements. We are very pleased with the results and believe our investment will deliver the results.”

Both Pixel Factory and Pixel OnDemand will be unveiled by the company at IBC, which opens this week. They are aimed at broadcasters and facilities needing graphics within programming, as well as for branding and promotion.

Pixel OnDemand offers precisely the same functionality and architecture as Pixel Factory, but on a pay-per-use basis. Pixel Factory is a networked graphics delivery system and runs on a graphics render farm of standard IT servers qualified by Pixel Power. This allows the company’s Gallium software to manage the workflow and means a single implementation to serve multiple users, departments and channels.

James Gilbert, joint managing director of Pixel Power, commented: “As so often, Pixel Power is leading the way, this time in recognising that the business of broadcasting is changing fast, particularly with new platforms and new services coming to market. I’m sure many other vendors will be following our lead in the future.”


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