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Pixel Nation opens Quantel’s workspace

21 January 2006

Quantel partner Pixel Nation has released HttQ — a newly developed workflow plug-in for Quantel’s generationQ products that enables cross-platform access to media held in Quantel systems’ workspace.

HttQ exploits the freely available Quantel QXMLnet utilities to enable users to work with media in the Quantel workspace via any modern web browser such as Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. HttQ is genuinely cross-platform, giving users of Apple, Linux, Irix, Solaris and Windows based systems open access to all media held in Quantel workspace.

HttQ allows users of these systems to browse media on the Quantel system and to import and export media to/from network destinations in the background, all without requiring the involvement of the Quantel operator. Both batch and scheduled transfers are supported.

"HttQ has been a tremendous help with our DI workflow," said Nick Ianelli, Digital Intermediates and editorial manager at iQ owner Deluxe/Efilm. "The operator can focus his efforts on what he does best – creating great pictures."

Steve Owen, Quantel business manager – Post & DI, said, "Post today is all about streamlined, integrated workflows. HttQ is an innovation that gives users of other systems an efficient window and gateway into Quantel workspace so that media handling can be optimised. It is also an excellent illustration of the inherent openness of our systems."

HttQ runs on Pablo, iQ, eQ, QEffects and Paintbox systems running V3 or later Quantel software.


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