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Pixel Farm and Cooke Optics collaborate

31 January 2007

The two companies have jointly announced a collaboration in which the The Pixel Farm will develop its renowned PFTrack software to work in conjunction with in-camera data acquired via Cooke’s revolutionary /i Technology.

This new technology will enable motion picture post production professionals to save numerous hours -and significant amounts of money – in post.

Michael Lancaster, product director at The Pixel Farm said: “As a developer of products for the post market we view it as our responsibility to try to alleviate the issues that teams face in the management of data within the entire production process. And Cooke has developed a product that can greatly help this process. Having accurate lens parameters for each frame of action makes some aspects of post production considerably easier as the operator is no longer dependent on the production team to pass forward that information – a process that can fall prey to human error. In essence, they should be able to easily work on many, many more shots of far greater complexity without the guess work.”

“Cooke developed our revolutionary /i Technology in response to the production community’s need to streamline the production process and to better and more accurately interface with their post colleagues to achieve cost and labour savings, while ensuring enhanced quality control and greater creative freedom,” said Les Zellan, chairman of Cooke Optics. “Working with Pixel Farm will allow our /i Technology to better achieve this potential.”

The Cooke S4/i system will work via a /i data link that will seamlessly record all camera and lens settings, including focal length, on a per-frame basis, all synced to time code. The information is recorded as metadata during filming and given to the facility, guaranteeing that the relevant lens data will be available and ensuring even more accurate calibration of shots in post. Initially, this will be available in PFTrack with plans to include the system in other PF products at a later date.

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