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Piranha bites into Object Matrix + Avid ISIS storage

21 October 2011
Piranha bites into Object Matrix + Avid ISIS storage

Dublin facility, Piranha Bar has installed a complete new storage infrastructure consisting of Object Matrix’s highly secure Matrix Store and Avid’s ISIS 5000, provided by Tyrell CCT, writes David Fox.

The investment was driven by Piranha Bar’s need to effectively manage its increasing volume of tapeless media, ensure fast access to data and facilitate collaboration throughout the facility. The new archive and storage systems have resulted in a significant improvement in capacity and greatly increased workflow efficiencies for the post house.

Object Matrix’s flagship nearline storage was chosen as a secure repository for the facility’s media assets and stores all files including QuickTime, Avid project overruns, Red raw files and clients’ digital archives.

The Matrix Store requires minimal administrative input, is easy to use and highly scalable. It is designed as a near-line disk platform to securely protect content and has the added benefit of being able to tag items with metadata allowing the repository to be fully searchable by editors. Piranha Bar will initially use a 36TB node-based clustered storage array

“We needed a secure, scalable and self-managing solution that could handle large volumes of client media, and allow simple and immediate retrieval from any location in the facility,” said Dave Berry, Executive Producer, Piranha Bar.

“Tyrell CCT introduced us to The Matrix Store and amazingly it ticked all of the boxes while remaining the most cost-effective solution that is out there. We now have more streamlined processes, reduced overheads and our team are able to fully focus on their creative endeavours.”

Piranha Bar wanted the same ease of access to data on its SAN. To achieve this it upgraded an existing Avid Unity system to Avid’s Ethernet-based ISIS 5000. This allows it to effectively handle intensive round-the-clock post production. The ISIS 5000 is highly flexible, with interoperability and scalability necessary to grow with the facility’s needs.

With up to 90 client connections and 144TB of useable capacity the ISIS investment has doubled the capacity of Piranha Bar’s SAN storage. The facility has 11 Avid suites, two Flame Premium seats and eight 3D seats (Softimage and 3ds Max).

“Tyrell CCT worked through a detailed consultation process with Piranha Bar to understand their exact requirements and determine the solution that would best fit the facility. It doesn’t make any sense to load everything that comes into the facility straight onto the premium Avid storage. Piranha Bar has now got the best of both worlds; the Object Matrix takes the strain and the SAN is allowed to do what it does best – super fast uncluttered access to data,” said Bryan Malone, Managing Director, Tyrell CCT.

“Protecting digital assets is now at the top of the priority list for post-production companies and it needs to be a painless process that allows staff to focus on the creative tasks that ultimately generate the revenue. Investment in the right solutions will guarantee security and integrity of media assets, making the data available on-demand and creating efficient workflows throughout the facility.”


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